Community Service Aspects

Suggested Local Community Service Opportunities

  • Glenmont Food Pantry (contact Pastor Joanna Lance at (330) 377-5025)
  • Harvest Thrift Shop
  • Harvest Ridge Fairgrounds
  • H15 Ministries Teen Center
  • Holmes County Home
  • Holmes County Humane Society
  • Holmes County Park District
  • Killbuck Community Library
  • Love Center Food Pantry
  • Love, INC of Greater Holmes County
  • Salvation Army Red Kettle Bell Ringing
  • Save and Serve
  • Check “Volunteers Needed” section of local papers

Documented Community Service must be on organization letterhead verifying your name, brief description of activity, hours volunteered and date of volunteering. This document will be a required upload with your online renewal application. Current scholarship recipients need at least 4 hours of community service to renew their scholarship. Please make sure that the organization that you volunteer for gives YOU the letter and YOU upload it into your renewal application. Do not send it to us or have them send it to us. It must be uploaded into your application.  *If you have completed volunteer service at separate times/locations, please be sure to combine all documentation into one PDF file before uploading your community service information into your online application.

Community Service can be performed anywhere!