Amish Welding Class 2004Holmes County, located in Northeastern Ohio, is often times labeled the "heartland of Amish Country". This county, composing of approximately 43,000 residents, holds about 19,000 people of Amish descent. The Amish culture has fascinated many, and, on average, 4 million tourists visit the county every year. The Amish are typically acknowledged for their beliefs, cooking, furniture making, and crafts. Customarily, the Amish do not receive schooling outside the traditional 8th grade year (high school and beyond), but many are looking for and pursuing education to further their skills and trade. Some work for local businesses that require experience in terms of engine operation, welding, computers, and company finances, while others wish to learn for more personal reasons in which they can assist their families and neighbors with the knowledge they've gained through training.

The Holmes County Education Foundation has been providing educational opportunities for the Amish population since 1999. Since that time, twenty-nine classes have been completed, including: Basic Welding, Advanced Welding, Basic Gas Engine, Advanced Engine, Antique Tractor and Engine Restoration, bookkeeping, and computers. Approximately 227 Amish students have attended at least one of these classes, and they come from all over Holmes County.

Farming Magazine

Farming Magazine, a quarterly publication from Mt. Hope, Ohio, was first funded by the Holmes County Education Foundation. Farming highlights articles to educate farmers on profit-making, advancements on farming innovations, and ideas to spark ecological farming. Farming Magazine includes informative articles, creative writing such as poetry, tips for the home, recipes, and much more, not only for and from the residents of Holmes County, but from people all around the world!

Articles and ideas are essential for the success of Farming Magazine. To contact someone with an idea of your own, you may send it to:

Farming Magazine
P.O. Box 85
Mt. Hope, OH 44660

114 North Clay Street Millersburg, OH 44654 (330) 674-7303 Fax: (330) 674-7313 e-mail:

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