Everyone has heard of someone having an “Estate,” usually in a conversation about real estate— LOTS of real estate!   An “Estate” involves  more than “real estate” though.    From “munchkin-hood” to “seasoned citizenship,” we ALL (married or not) have an Estate... even though few of us think of “our things” like that.

An Estate is made up of any “thing” and every “thing” one owns:   a house (mortgaged or not), cash in a piggy bank or bank account, the grandfather clock in the hallway, the “hot wheels” and car(s) in the driveway, the 401(k), the life insurance policy, that time- share on the Outer Banks— and every other form of asset, big and small.   


If you don’t have a Will, here are realities to consider:

  • YOU ARE NOT ALONE.   Conservative estimates are that 50% of Americans do not have a Will.  It’s likely that 7 out of every 10 people die without a valid Will.

  • ANY TIME MAY BE “YOUR TIME.”   Death comes  for us all, sooner or later.  We just don’t know whether “our time” will be later… or sooner.

  • KNOW IT OR NOT, YOU DO HAVE A WILL.   Like it or not, Ohioans— if you have not had your Will drawn up, Ohio has one already drawn up for you.   Just like every other state has done for its citizens who die “intestate.”
  • IF YOU DIE “INTESTATE” YOUR ESTATE IS SUBJECT TO THE RIGID, IMPERSONAL “DESCENT AND DISTRIBUTION” LAWS OF THE STATE.   If you care what happens to your estate, particularly when it means the future of your loved ones (especially minor children), you can’t depend on the state to carry out your wishes.  

Even if you DO have a Will… when was the last time you updated it?    Funny thing about “time”… it goes by so quickly.   Lots of things change in two years, let alone 5 or 10, 15 or 20 years’ time.  You’ll want your wishes to keep up with your times. 

For more information on “How to Make a Will That Works,” contact us at hcef@hcef.net

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