. . . IT’S “A BUCKET”!


Richie was raised in the country.  Once when he was a little boy roaming over his granddad’s farm, he came upon the ruins of a burned out barn.   Curious (as little boys are), he was investigating those ruins when he found an item he came to treasure.   He discovered one of those galvanized milk buckets – scorched, but still useful.  

So wherever Richie explored over the next few years, he carried his bucket with him.   Marbles, arrowheads, interesting-looking rocks, toads, snakes… everything he collected went into the bucket.   He alone controlled the stuff in his bucket.   Only he put stuff in and took stuff out.  


There is no better way to describe a Living Trust: 
It’s a bucket for all your “stuff”!

When properly prepared by a qualified legal professional, the Living Trust (a.k.a., an Intervivos Trust) is a most excellent estate planning and bequest document.   As the name indicates, people who have a Living Trust can benefit from it while they are yet living.   For example, you put all your assets into a “bucket” called the Your Family Living Trust.   Should you become physically or mentally incapacitated, you will have already chosen the person you want to make decisions for your best interest – your conservator.    If – God forbid - something catastrophic happens that orphans minor children, you will have already chosen their guardians.  

But WHY have a Living Trust, especially if I have a Will?

The best reason for folks to have a properly prepared, up-to-date Living Trust is that –after the death of the surviving spouse - your heirs will avoid PROBATE.

WHY might you want your estate to avoid the probate process?

  • BECAUSE the probate process can be much more expensive than necessary BECAUSE the probate process can take much more time than necessary BECAUSE a Living Trust can reduce or eliminate the federal estate (a.k.a. “death”) tax;
  • Most importantly!— BECAUSE a Living trust preserves your privacy

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“Leave A Legacy… Remember the
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