Adopted 10 December 2008




1. Every five (5) years, the Holmes County Education Foundation (HCEF) will obtain an audit performed by a certified public accounting firm in accordance with generally accepted auditing standards, with statements prepared in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles

2. HCEF will exercise the management and financial controls necessary to provide a reasonable assurance that all resources are being used to accomplish the exempt purposes for which they are intended.

3.  HCEF will provide a copy of our current compiled financial statement upon written request.

4. HCEF will not continuously operate at a deficit.  If and when it becomes necessary to borrow funds for large capital expenditures, HCEF will seek to repay the loan as soon as possible.

5. HCEF will not ask people to give to this organization instead of giving to another non-profit organization.

6. HCEF will provide a receipt for all donations, cash and in-kind.  HCEF will acknowledge in writing the fair market value (FMV) determined in writing by the donor – or by a qualified independent appraisal where required by state or federal law – on any personal (tangible, intangible) or real property donated.   In general, the donor shall be responsible for all expenses of a qualified appraisal.

7. HCEF will never give out or rent our mailing list to anyone wishing to use the names and addresses of our donors for any reason.

8.  HCEF will provide a list identifying our current Board of Trustees upon written request, and proactively will publicize the identity of our current Board to our donors.

9. In any fund raising activity, HCEF will not create unrealistic expectations from the donor as to what their gift will actually accomplish.

10. HCEF will honor all statements made in fund raising appeal letters about the use of the donor’s gift.

11. HCEF does not accept donor-advised / directed funds.  Standard criteria for a named scholarship is not considered to be donor-directed / advised (quid pro quo.)


12. At the donor’s written request, HCEF will provide a report that includes financial information on any project for which we solicit gifts.


13. All permanent fund raising staff will work for a salary.   Any fund raising counsel will work on a retainer or for a predetermined flat fee.   No one employed or engaged by HCEF will work on the basis of a commission.   HCEF will enter into no agreement with a donor or prospective donor, prior to the completion of a gift, the terms of which are quid pro quo similar to its receiving a finder’s fee for directing business to the donor or endorsing the donor’s product either explicitly or implicitly.

14. All staff shall be encouraged to be donors to HCEF.   HCEF will expect that each Trustee be a donor as one criterion for service on the Board.  HCEF will so clearly stipulate this when asking prospective Trustees to serve.  The fact that they are a donor— not the amount of their gifts — is the intent.

15. No one representing HCEF will ask for funds to support this organization before having first made their own financial gift or commitment.

16. All donors will receive timely, appropriate acknowledgement of and recognition for their gift(s).

17. All HCEF sponsored fund-raising endeavors will be approved by the Executive Director.

18. Upon approval by the Executive Director, staff and trained volunteers may engage in a formal presentation for solicitation on behalf of HCEF and any of its programs consistent with the purpose, policies and non-profit status of HCEF.   As one criterion for service on the Board of Trustees –clearly stipulated when asking prospective Trustees to serve – HCEF will expect each Trustee to be

willing proactively to solicit donors and prospective donors on behalf of HCEF and/or be willing to introduce the Gift Planning Officer to them.

19. The Gift Planning Officer will receive or be notified of receipt of all gifts of any type in a manner consistent with the cash and in-kind gift receiving/receipting policies currently in effect at HCEF.

20. All major fund raising campaigns will be approved in advance by the Board of Trustees.

21. All gifts shall be acquired in compliance with the regulations set forth by the Internal Revenue Service, and by the laws of the State of Ohio, in accordance with the 501(c)(3) status of HCEF.

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