Looking at the "Big Picture":
The Charitable Remainder Trusts


  A Remainder Trust can be a wonderful estate planning instrument for charitably inclined folks who are living comfortably in the “here and now,” but have the foresight to see that there is “a big picture” to their life.   They see “the big picture” in terms of taking care of themselves and their loved ones for life. They recognize that life brings change.   Many times change is natural— it comes gradually, predictably, logically.   Too often, change is a challenge—coming suddenly, unpredictably and randomly.   

As the late Robert F. Sharpe, Sr. so aptly put it:             

“There are four facts of life nobody expects will ever happen to them—

dying too soon, a catastrophic event, a chronic illness, and living too long.”

     In light of the realities of “the big picture,” you who have substantial assets (solid and liquid) might see the wisdom of creating an extra stream of income (now, or for your future) in the Charitable Remainder Annuity Trust or the Charitable Remainder Unitrust. 

     Should you choose to set up a Charitable Remainder Annuity Trust (CRAT), your charitable cause will send you an annual payment of a fixed dollar amount equaling at least 5% (no more than 50%) of the initial Fair Market Value (FMV) of the CRAT at its creation.   Should you go with a Charitable Remainder Unitrust (CRUT), however, you will choose to receive an annual payment of at least 5% (no more than 50%) of the net FMV of this trust, determined annually.   In addition, the CRAT and CRUT will give you

  • An initial income tax deduction

  • A bypass of the capital gains tax at the time the trust is created

  • Federal Estate Tax savings

  • The possibility of your trust income being taxed favorably

Your charitable cause receives the assets of the trust at the expiration of its term, at a time when you no longer need them.   To request a copy of “Charitable Remainder Trusts” or more information about the Charitable Lead Trust, contact us at hcef@hcef.net.


“Leave A Legacy… Consider A Charitable Remainder Trust with Holmes County Education Foundation”




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