AN INTriguing "win/Win"
Scenario for some:

The Charitable Lead Trust



     If you are an affluent person (having a few million dollars or more) generally having gift tax, federal estate tax and / or personal concerns about your estate, you might want to consider arranging a Charitable Lead Trust (CLUT) with the charitable cause of your choice (provided the charity you choose is able to facilitate this gift plan.)

     Simply put, a CLUT is lending the principal of a seven-figure amount (or
) for a certain period of time so a qualified charitable cause can receive its interest payments for the contracted term of the CLUT.  

     No payments are made to you for the term of the CLUT.   At the beginning of the term of the CLUT, you receive estate or gift tax savings and a possible income tax deduction.    At the end of the term of the CLUT, the principal is transferred back to you or your heirs.     Your charitable cause receives the interest income on the principal of the trust, for the term of the trust.  

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“Leave A Legacy… Consider A Charitable Lead Trust with Holmes County Education Foundation”


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