THE charitable gift annuity
…  A chance to
“have your cake and eat it, too”?


Are you part of the vast mainstream of 20th century Americans who live by modest means?   Are you among the numbers of folks – married, widowed, or otherwise single – age 65 – 90+, who are (or soon will be) living on a fixed income?   Do you think you might really need to have some extra cash – on a regular basis – to supplement that which you receive from your pension and / or social security?   Have you been involved with (giving to, or in other ways volunteering for) a charitable cause?   One whose mission has touched your heart – perhaps, even made a difference in your life or the life of a loved one?   Are you troubled by the prospect of not being able to continue to support that mission because of the rising cost of living on a fixed income?   If it were possible, would you jump at an opportunity to “have your cake, and eat it too”?   Quite a few questions, you say?   Well if you answered “YES” to all these, consider entering into this Gift Plan with your favorite charitable cause:

The Charitable Gift Annuity- a way for you to receive extra income you need for life AND give a favorite cause your ultimate gift afterward.

  • A Charitable Gift Annuity gives you a higher rate of return than a CD; the older you are, the higher the rate.  
  • Payments are based on rates determined by the American Council on Gift Annuities
  • Payments can be set up to cover the length of one life (a higher rate) or two. 
  • Payments can be contracted to be made annually, semi-annually, quarterly or monthly—you decide

Your advantages in making this type of Planned Gift are—

  • The initial income tax deduction
  •  Payments are partially tax-free for a period of time
  • The possibility of lower capital gains rates over the rest of your life

Your charitable cause receives your ultimate gift through what remains in your annuity at its expiration, a time when you no longer need it.    To request a copy of “Charitable Gift Annuities,” contact us at



“Leave A Legacy… Consider A Charitable Gift Annuity with Holmes County Education Foundation”


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